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Prepping Your Pet

It’s a good idea to think ahead about how you want your dog to look in your finished photos. Some people want a natural look, while others prefer a more “just-groomed” style.


Whether or not you’re having your pet groomed, a bath is always a good idea before a sitting—a clean dog is a happy dog and a happy dog always sparkles for the camera! Please bathe or groom your dog a day or two before your photo session because being groomed and having a photo session in the same day is too much stress for any dog.


If possible, exercise your dog in the morning before our appointment to burn off some energy (but not exhaust them) and please take them for a short walk right before I arrive so they’ll be most comfortable.


As for cats, they always do exactly what they want to do, and I know they are granting me the great privilege of capturing it for you on my camera!

“Terry certainly has a way with animals. My cat usually hides from most people, but Terry’s photos of Chin-Chin captured his personality and not just his beauty. His gentleness and his sweet disposition shine through and that’s not easy to do with persian cats as they often appear scowling . I just love her portraits of my sweet boy.”
Honey Rodman, New York City

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